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Featured Products

  HOT New Ve-Ze Salmon Lures!  
  Click photo to enlarge!  

Just in time for the river King Salmon run!  Catch more King Salmon with these HOT new Ve-Ze Salmon Lures - Hand Painted and Made in the USA.  Hammered Blades are high quality with a Silver Lacquer finish.  Ve-Ze Salmon Lures are available in size 7 and 8. The Body comes in 1/2oz. and 3/4oz. Silver or Hand Painted in a wide variety of colors.  VMC size 1 Treble Hooks with a solid or two-toned Vinly Skirt.  Get yours now…  August is here and Salmon are already being caught off Benicia!  



Size 7 Blade = $4.25  

Size 8 Blade = $4.50


Size 7 Blade = $4.50  

Size 8 Blade = $4.75

Custom orders & shipping available.

click photo to enlarge!

The Halibut Trolling Rig is Designed with the Everyday Sport Fisherman in Mind

  Its’ strong but light weight construction has a bendable 00 “Shasta UV Blade” that allows you to get more action on your bait. 90# nylon coated wire is attached to a size 1 three-way swivel, and a size 3 interlocking barrel swivel. There is a 40# nylon coated wire drop line connected to a 20# breakaway snap swivel, in case you snag your sinker, you won’t lose the entire rig.

The leader consists of two hoochies, and your bait is attached to an adjustable size 2/0 single hook, and a size 2 treble stinger hook.

We have now installed an EChip onto the leader for that extra advantage.


The Tournament Pro's Choice  

  • If you get hung on the bottom, a break-a-way snap allows you to lose only your cannon ball..not the entire rig.
  • The rig should be trolled using 20-30lb. mono, or 50-65lb. spectra.
  • Nose hook your bait with the sliding single hook, and insert the treble "trap hook" into the meat just in front of the tail. Slide a small rubber band up and over the gills, to secure your bait.
  • The ideal trolling speed is 1 1/2 to 2 knots, which should be attained before putting your rig in the water. If your boat cannot troll at this slow speed, try dragging a sea anchor, or a 5 gallon bucket behind your boat.
  • THE KEY TO THE BOTTOM BOUNCING TECHNIQUE is slow trolling your bait around sand, or a flat hard bottom and...


  • The bottom bouncing technique WAKES THE FISH UP and draws them to your bait.  


                         (available in 4 colors - weight not included)


EChip Sturgeon Leaders
Trigger Accurate Strikes by More Fish and Larger Fish!!!

Imagine This….. A 64 inch, 60 pound sturgeon, tail up, nose down, plowing through the mud in search of his next meal. He’s not sniffing out dead bait, but sensing the nerve impulses of a live clam, shrimp or any other bait fish.

The EChip duplicates the voltage that predator fish can detect. So basically, it brings the dead bait on your hook back to life!  

The EChip has an electronic crystal and ball in a stainless steel tube. In water, the crystal’s hypersensitive electrons are activated by any movement or vibration – including often undetectable water currents or centrifugal force variations.  

Our EChip Sturgeon Leaders come in two styles. A 24 inch, nylon coated 60 pound wire, or a 30 inch, 80 pound monofilament line. Both are available in a 5/0, 6/0, or 7/0, Single Kahle hook, with a ½ oz. inline sinker to help keep your bait on the bottom.  


For custom orders, call us at 707-745-4921. 
Shipping is also available.


32" Sportsmen's Crab Pot


Price $139.00
On Sale $125.00


  • 150 Foot Rope

  • Buoy

  • 2 piece 2 oz Line Sinkers

  • Bait Cage

    Price $105.00 with out accessories.

    We also carry leaded rope, several styles of buoys and much more.

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