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Rod Holders & Covers

  For custom orders, call us at 707-745-4921.   Shipping is also available ($5 per order).

Balance Perch
Balancing & Swiveling Rod Holders


The Balance Perch Multi-Directional (swivel) Balancing Rod Holder.  Fits all Scotty, Cabelas or West Marine-style Rod Mounts. Also available with 3" mount for Fishon, Roberts & Attwood Rod Mounts.


Price $36.00 (for paddle only)

Prices for Paddle including Rod Mounts

  • With 4" black riser $60.00

  • With 8" black riser $62.00  

Prices for Rod Mounts (black base) sold separately

  • 4" black riser $27.00

  • 8" black riser $29.00


           rod mounts (black base) sold separately -->


RediSet Rod Holders - Swiveling Quick-Set Rod Holders
by Buoy 33 - Engineered Fishing Solutions

RediSet Rod Holders are used for any type of bait fishing. They have proven particularly effective for catching Sturgeon since setting set the hook in one quick motion without disturbing the bite is crucial for success. Catch more fish!  Extremely effective for catching Salmon, Halibut, Striped Bass and other fish. Great for trolling.  It securely holds your fishing rod and reel in place moving freely and naturally with any wave, staying straight with the current, even when strong winds move the boat around.
  • Set the hook in one swift motion.

  • Adapts to mounts already on your boat.

  • Secure your fishing rod and reel - don't lose your investment overboard.

  • Support your fishing rod at the perfect angle.

  • Stainless steel pin provides a trigger grip for better support and control.

  • Keep your fishing rod and reel off of the floor and out of the way when tending to other rods.

There's no fumbling to get your pole out of these holders! With the RediSet Fishing Rod Holder, you simply lift and set your hook in one motion. RediSet Rod Holder rotates easily in the rod mount adapter and isn't deterred by strong winds or choppy waters. RediSet Rod


holders are easy to use and adapt to most of the standard mounts through the adapters pictured. The RediSet Rod Holder is available in two sizes and readily fit most standard rod holder mounts such as
Scotty, Cabela's, West Marine, Fish-On, or Roberts/Attwood style mounting bases. Click to watch YouTube video of RediSet Rod Holder in action!

Click this link to view the YouTube video of the RediSet Rod Holder in action


Stick Jacket - Fishing Rod Cover


Stick Jacket™ is a fishing rod cover that prevents rod tangles and are easy to use. They have a unique braided construction that is widely expandable which makes it easy to put on and take off. They are made of a tough polyethylene filament that is virtually impervious to salt as well as resistant to mold and mildew.

The braided material works much like the old "Chinese finger trap" gripping the fishing rod for snug protection against unwanted damage. They can be used on large line guides on fully rigged rods. Barbed hooks can easily be removed, unlike clothe sheaths. Available in 8 colors:


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Stick Jacket™ covers are great to use everywhere including boat rod lockers,
rod storage tubes, the back of your truck or going to and from the boat.

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